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How to do some OpenSim backups

18th Jun, 2015 | Back

This is the part where I would tell you that taking backups is good and what an OAR and an IAR are instead of assuming you already know all those things. If you don't, here is the OpenSim wiki page about OARs and the OpenSim wiki page about IARs. If you don't take occasional backups, you're in for a lot of heartache when you lose something you've been working on for a while. I'm actually guilty of not taking backups of at least my Pixel Planet region more often (the last one I took was last year). So, let's do that now.

What we're going to do:
-Export a region to an OAR
-Export an avatar's inventory to an IAR

Back up Pixel Planet

This is actually very easy. In your console, change to the region you want to backup with change region "region name". Then save that region to an OAR file in your bin folder with save oar filename.oar.

Back up Jessica Pixel

This is also pretty simple. Also in your console (but on any region), save your whole inventory to an IAR with save iar Your Name /* yourpassword123 filename.iar.

Save those files somewhere in case you ever need to restore. Restoring from a backup isn't that hard either, check out those wiki pages on more info for now. If I ever need to do it then I'll probably update this post.

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