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Computer Specs

11th Aug, 2014 | Back

Well, now that I have a blog, I suppose it's time I start doing memes to fill it with content. I just recently got a new computer, so this weeks Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh's blog seemed like a good idea.

Share any of your computer specs:

As of Oct 20, 2015
Case: Thermaltake Chaser A71
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.5 GHz
RAM: Ballistix 8GBx2 DDR3
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
HDs: Samsung EVO 120GB SSD and Hitachi 300GB HD
Input: Razor Naga Hex, 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator, Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Xbox360 Wireless Gaming Receiver and controller, Dell FP-61001 fingerprint reader
Sound: Logitech Z313 speakers, Steelseries Siberia v2
Monitor: LG Flatron 27"

Which viewer do you use most often?
I normally use 64-bit Firestorm 4.6.9 because it's the latest with Rinions support. Either that, or Radegast. I really like Radegast.

What is your FPS (Frames Per Second) when you have your graphics on ultra?
I generally hover around 60-65 FPS with all the graphics sliders maxed out, anti-aliasing on 16x, and shadow quality at 1. If I bump the shadow quality up to the max, I run around 20 FPS. It goes down significantly in areas with a high concentration of high density mesh objects to the point of crashing sometimes. In OpenSim regions, I can usually view 4ish regions easily with less slowdown because of the lower object density in general.

How often does Second Life crash for you? Is it usually just a viewer crash or your whole system crashes? What are you usually doing at the moment of the crash?
Maybe once or twice a session, the viewer will lock up for a few seconds but not crash. This is usually because I have Chrome open in the background with several dozen tabs. Today, my whole computer actually locked up, but didn't crash and I had to hard reset it. It's been on for a few days though, so no biggie. Second Life crashes very rarely for me anymore. On my old computer it probably crashed once a session. When it does lock up, it's usually after a teleport when objects and avatars are trying to rez.

Do you know of any tips or tricks in the settings that would improve performance?
Keep your draw distance around 200 unless you need to see further than that (even though I almost always have it maxed out anyway). Turn off shadows. Add a shortcut in your Firestorm quick prefs menu to toggle the shadows and hit boxes so you don't bump into unrezzed avatars. Making sure your bandwidth setting is appropriate can help, but I just leave it at the default. Rebooting my computer every few days seems to help too. I also closely monitor the temperature of my computer with Open Hardware Monitor to make sure all my fans are running properly. My computer normally stays around 40C because my case has a lot of fans.

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