I'm just going to keep all this stuff here until I feel like splitting it up into separate pages.

Blog posts

Posts on my blog relevant to Pixel Planet.


Various scripts in various states of working that look into various parts of my grid.

  • displayppurl.php - shows URLs stored in the database, delete stale ones
  • getobjectdetails.php - paste in an object name (not working) or UUID (working) to get a list of contents
  • objectdetails.php - displays the contents of an object, works with getobjectdetails.php
  • outputblob.php - displays the text of a script, works with objectdetails.php
  • outputimage.php - converts image from database to a jpg and displays it, works with objectdetails.php
  • listscripts.php - lists all the scripts in the database for viewing


Stuff that isn't ready for the header bar yet.

  • Status - trying to get an online status object to work right
  • getregions.php - lists the regions with some info
  • Content Viewer - working on a nice layout for getobjectdetails.php
  • Wiki - what's left of my wiki after I exported it from WikiSpaces
  • blank - a blank page
  • indexold.html - my original index page


Some other stuff that's mostly for me.

Hypergrid Info

Visit Pixel Planet at this hypergrid address:

What is the hypergrid?


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