Breathe In...

Breathe Out...

Beam In...

Hematite for protection from bad thoughts, magnetic energy is grounding

Ruby for stabilization, decreasing anxiety, increasing passion

I haven't updated in a while so these ladies of all the same clip art will help proect me until I get my mental shit together and can do more updates to all my little personal projects.

About the fourth stone will go here

april 23 18 - these cards were all hotlinked until today when i noticed the second image was broken. it turns out i had already downloaded all of the images to this webserver. i simply had to change the image address to where all the images are for this document. i took the time to switch the rest of the cards to the locally hosted image as well. i think i have sapped their energies via hotlinking for long enough without putting something back in with that energy. 1209pm



More candles More candles crystals Pansies Container of weed Scented oils Incense Feathers Fire Water Air Dirt Fucking magnets Last update Book of shadows

SL places to relax

1. The April Fool Spread: Shuffle, and find the Fool. The cards on either side are “what to be optimistic about this month” and “what to be wary of, in case it’s a trick”

The 7 of Cups and The Hierophant. The first is my favorite card and the other is a whatever card. Should I be optimistic about my goals leading to something? Should I be careful to not have my head in the clouds and pay attention to the guidance and wisdom given to me by others? I don't know, some cards can't tell me what to do. Not that I'm even using cards.

I don't have space IRL, either in my mind or my apartment, to set up an altar.
There isn't enough room to set up a mat for candles and rocks.
I don't have the focus to dust it or charge physical items with intent.
Perhaps, if I put effort into a digital version, my intent can be felt.
Hotlinking images is like taking some of their energy to power my altar.
Hematite is my favorite rock, and I don't know any others I really like.
I have saved a space for them, three more.
Candles cost money, they can be expensive, even if they are wonderful for ambiance.
I have created some digital candles for the focus points in my life.
I'm a crab horoscope cancer.
Anxiety and depression are my major issues.
The Seven of Cups is my favorite tarot card.
Seven of them seemed approprate.
I'm also trying not to care too much about proper HTML.
I'd rather get my ideas down and forget it about and let it sit un-updated forever.
I decided to try ruby as my second stone because it is my birth stone.
It has favorable powers according to one website after one google search.
There are some things that I'm not hotlinking, and some things that I am.
A few times, I almost downloaded an image I was planning to hotlink.
I stopped myself and hotlinked it, borrowing it's energy.
Adding a section for links.
I glance through a bunch of different sites getting ideas and some I want to revisit.
I've added a box where you can type your worries.
Eventually, you can click a button for your worries to disapear.
I will write briefly about Shana.
I made a mostly working tarot card dealer that I'll clean up and include. - sometime before 4/4/17
Decided against hotlinking images as some are already starting to break.
I'm not downloading them all today though, I am sick. - 4/4/17
addded some spider web ladies because that's how my brain feels about being creative lately.
i dont have it
at least i'm doing something and not nothing.
i also stopped hot linking the rubys. - 6/5/2017
added some things like that 8i like or i'm thankful for or something i don't know ugh 61317
moved the list of things to add from super notepad to here 081417